Pricing & Policies

Sharon wants you to be completely aware, and completely comfortable with your decision to use the services of A Special Touch Funeral & Cremation Service. If there is any part of this section you do not understand, please call(925) 875-1343 or contact us here.

  • Choose Services and Pay

    Choose Services and Pay

    Select which options you'd like for your cremation packages and pay online with your credit card. We'll make this process as simple as possible for you.

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  • General Price List

    General Price List

    No doubt, this is one of the most important tools available to you for understanding and controlling funeral costs. Sharon invites you to learn more about the value of a GPL, and download a copy for your funeral planning.

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  • The Funeral Rule

    The Funeral Rule

    In 1984 the Federal Trade Commission passed The Funeral Rule, designed to protect consumers while they arrange funerals and think about the options available for disposition of a body. Almost 30 years later, this law still guides the practices of funeral homes around the country.

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  • Policies


    To put you at greater ease, Sharon asks you to review the policies relating to payment, consumer protection, and product warranties. Her goal is to make you aware of both your rights as a consumer, and her responsibilities as a funeral service professional.

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