Meet Sharon

Growing up in San Leandro, Sharon Mace, owner of A Special Touch Funeral & Cremation Service, has naturally become very familiar with both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. She’s comfortable with her surroundings, because she’s called it ‘home’ for a long time.

Her path to becoming a licensed funeral director is one that many women in the field have traveled. In 2002, after years of caring for her family, she went to work as a clerical support staff member at a local mortuary.

Her curiosity and desire to be all that families were looking for during their time of need brought her to attend a course on mortuary law, and then to prepare to take the funeral director licensing exam. Her commitment made it easy for her to pass the test to become a funeral director, and the next step was inevitable: in 2004 she decided it was time to open her own mortuary.

“Over time, people started asking for me when they came in. The owner discovered how good I was at working with families. I realized that I can empathize with people who are grieving. I’ve lost loved ones. I understand what they’re going through. I recognize who this person was to them.”

“I like to be able to do things my way. I am different from most funeral directors. I help people start their grieving process and I help them through it.”

Seeing that there was a need for a mortuary in Dublin, California, Sharon set up shop there and set about realizing her vision for her new business.

“I wanted a welcoming, relaxed place. My office is decorated like my home. Many people breathe a sigh of relief when they walk through the door, simply because they feel so comfortable there.”

Sharon’s Special Touch: Helping Others in Their Time of Need

The gift Sharon gives her clients is treating them with sensitivity and compassion. In doing so, she gives them a safe place to grieve and helps them get through what can be a harrowing experience.

“I don’t feel I’ve been successful until the person across from me laughs or smiles,” she said. “I don’t treat their loss with levity, but I want them to know it’s okay to smile.”

Sharon’s husband of 40+ years, Larry, also works at the Dublin funeral home. “Larry drives the hearse and goes to all the services. He makes sure all the logistics are taken care of while I’m helping the family.”

Sharon was recently certified as a pre-planning consultant and is a member of the California Funeral Directors Association, the National Funeral Directors Association, and is a charter member of the newly-formed Association of Women Funeral Professionals.

Her nurturing nature and grace both calm and comfort all who come to her in their time of need. With understanding, empathy, humor and kindness, Sharon Mace is ready to honor and celebrate the life of your loved one with you, and help you through your difficult time with compassion, dignity and respect.

You can learn more about Sharon and A Special Touch Funeral and Cremation Service by following her on LinkedIn.